3 Steps To Picking Yourself Up

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Written by Paul Carey Jr.

Many times, things don’t go as planned–you didn’t pass that driving test, for example, or earn a competitive grade in your favorite class. Perhaps you didn’t place in a competition you prepared for tirelessly and assumed you would win! Such instances are understandably very taxing on the spirit. In some cases, they can feel like insurmountable roadblocks.

However, if you want to accomplish future goals, it is important to have a plan in place for getting back on the road and driving toward your next challenge and success. This might sound easier said than done, but you can follow these three simple steps to pick yourself up from any fallback.

1. Acceptance – The first part of picking yourself up is acceptance. Acceptance in this context means realizing the event happened and that it is currently in the past; any results from this event may not be able to be changed.  

Acceptance is important because it allows you to no longer dwell on something that might be out of your control. It allows you to look towards the next task with more focus and attention. Even though this is often the hardest part of picking yourself up–and thus might require some serious time–it’s a crucial segue to the next step.

2. Collection – The second step is collecting yourself, your thoughts, and your goals. After you have accepted the results of the situation, it’s time to jump back in the game and start determining your next steps. This might mean realigning your focus and/or determining what can help you regain that focus. It might also mean modifying your goal or trajectory towards that goal. 

3. Growth – The third step is growth, the key to this entire process. Accepting and collecting are solely steps to get you back on the path towards your goals, and growth happens in that process of returning.

You may need to go through the acceptance and collection phases more than once, and that’s okay–especially if you are able to find a way to grow while directing yourself to your focus. Remember, growth has no limits and can come from any result. Defining how you can grow from a situation may require patience and time, but it is fundamental to meeting any goal. Make sure to spend adequate time on this step and become a realistic evaluator of yourself for both successes and shortcomings.

Picking yourself up after any event can be very challenging. The biggest thing is to not give up on your goals and to not give up on yourself! Figure out a plan that helps you realign your focus and approach that process with a growth mindset. Best wishes as you conquer your goals!

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