3 Ways To Avoid Burnout During Exams

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3 Ways To Avoid Burnout During Exams

Written By Tanishk, Tutor To The Stars For Enhanced Prep

Finals week has dawned upon us once again, and I know what you’re thinking: Oh great, I’m going to be living in the library as I prepare for these exams. Can’t catch up on that latest Game of Thrones episode or even check out that new Thai place that opened up around the corner. No going out. If I’m hungry, I will eat ramen. If I’m thirsty, I’ll drink coffee. Let’s do this.

While I commend your dedication, this course of action will likely lead to burnout and over caffeination. Instead, try these three methods of reducing stress and making this exam season a time of wellness, productivity, and academic success.

  1. Eliminating Distractions 

The thing that truly causes burnout is doing too much for too long without breaks–all while under stress. 

Throw this entire headache out the window by starting your prep work early and building in breaks often, especially with those longer sessions.

More importantly, make good use of the time that you are spending on your studies. Eliminate common distractions like cell phones, social media, and noise during study sessions. Create a space that serves you!   

  1. Don’t Sweat, but Sweat It Out 

Worrying about an upcoming exam can certainly provide stress and discomfort, which can invade many other aspects of your life. 

While this stress might not go away, it can be combated with good ol’ fashioned physical exercise. If a full-on workout is not a possibility due to time constraints or any other reasons, then a brisk walk or quick set of pushups can do the trick. 

Even a few jumping jacks at your desk–just enough to get the blood pumping–can give provide many of the same benefits of being active. you need to reduce stress and refocus.

If sweating isn’t your thing, meditation can also give your mind the rest it needs from all those mental workouts. Try an app like Headspace or Simple Habit for bite-size guided meditations you can squeeze in while studying.

  1. Treat Yo’ Self

Look, studying for exams is hard, and the toll that it takes on a person is real. Often, the incentive of gaining more knowledge and getting that good grade might not be enough to push through and keep studying. 

That is completely OK! Give yourself rewards, both big and small, during and after your exam period to stay energized and motivated. 

Small rewards can include Netflix breaks or favorite snacks throughout your study period. Establish bigger rewards post-examination so that you can work towards something even more satisfying. After a big test, have that movie night with friends or treat yourself to those new shoes you have been eyeing for weeks. 

It is important to remember that no exam trumps your wellbeing. Burnout is real and can happen to anyone who is not actively attempting to counteract it using these methods and others. 

Good luck to everyone on their exams!

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