A Word of Gratitude

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Written by Rachel Mead

For me, this time of year is a reflection on thankfulness. I am extremely thankful of the work that I and the team here at Enhanced Prep do. I am building my future, that of my family, and that of my team, and doing so with intention, purpose, and uncompromising integrity. But also, just as importantly, every day we have the opportunity to open more doors and improve the futures of the students and families we are so lucky to be working alongside. 

We took a big leap a few years back to start this amazing company, spent this past year+ with more COVID-led innovation, and still we continue to rise. Having spent over 25 years in the supplemental education space, I have to thank those who shaped me, directly or indirectly, over the years. Regardless if I classify a prior job, boss, or colleague as great or otherwise, each one taught me something. Through these experiences and individuals, I have learned so much about what kind of leader I strive to be and how Enhanced Prep needed to be more

I am thankful for those who let me practice my leadership on them, previously and currently. I am thankful for my family for believing in me and always willing to pitch in and help. I am thankful to our families who believe in us so much that they share referrals so freely. I am thankful for the school districts and administrators that are excited to collaborate with us to enhance learning for their students. I am thankful to partner in the non-profit space and know that we are always working to make our community and the next generation stronger. 

We know that remaining stagnant is the opposite of embracing growth. Luke and I strive to be intentional with our processes and practices. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, we always want to look for ways to be better, to adapt, to improvise, to streamline, not just for our students, parents, partners, but also for our team. We know that in order for us personally, as well as for Enhanced Prep, to be better, we need to surround ourselves with people that have experiences, backgrounds, and ideas that we don’t have. I am thankful for the Dream Team of people who bring their talents, expertise, passion, and compassion to Enhanced Prep every day and are excited to be on this ride. We know that Enhanced Prep is better due to the people that are part of it and we strive to help make those people better as a result of being part of Enhanced Prep.

Luke and I know that we do not have all the answers, but we know that our team has great solutions! If there is a need for a student, family, CBO, school, or district that you are looking to support, let us know. Together we will create the best fit!

Watch out world. Enhanced Prep may be a small business now, but we are on fire and loving every minute of it!

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