Bringing the Joy Back to Learning

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Written by Wesley Ecoiffier

One question every student will eventually ask is am I meant to enjoy school… am I meant to enjoy learning? When we get older and no longer have to attend school for seven+ hours, tackle six different subjects and teachers, and juggle as many sets of homework, as well as tests like the  SAT all while trying to make and keep friends, we think easy task right? We look back and say pfft, what are you so worried about? It was easy!

What no one seems to speak about is how you, the student, feels about the tests, about the work, about school. How much you enjoy it all directly impacts how well you do, making you want to continue and get better daily. And it directly impacts your future as well: the more you enjoy what you do now, the more likely you are to find your passion and pursue it. This will bring further happiness and fulfillment down the line. The fact that this is still understated by a lot of people sometimes boggles the mind, but you really should enjoy the process while you’re at it! It’s both more fun, and more useful! Take it from me- someone who’s gone through it!

So, how do you do it? How do you make the jump towards enjoying learning? The trick is your mindset: making the choice to enjoy it. Tell yourself in your mind that you will enjoy it. Step into it willingly. Don’t do it for anyone else; do it for yourself. Everyone reaches a point of struggling, even the most successful people. They all came from a place of not knowing, so if you are there, do not fear. Too often we sit ashamed of our lack of knowledge or skill, and we remain uncertain, too afraid to get going. So how to solve that? The answer is to get started!! All that matters is putting in the work to get you there. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, just focus on yourself and your goals, and know and believe that you will achieve what you want. But getting started is the first and arguably the most important step. So step forward with bravery!

Go for it! Enjoy it!! Fight your fear of failure and live in the moment while enjoying the journey and the challenges! Enjoy your attempts to improve on your failures and to get the successes you’re after. Imagine and look forward to that moment when you’ve obtained that success and can finally celebrate, enjoy, and receive congratulations from your friends and family.

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