Loving Math Through Cooking

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Written by BriAna Lopez

Math wasn’t my favorite subject for most of high school. I wasn’t bad at it, but I never found a way to enjoy it. Going into my junior year of high school, I didn’t understand how math was useful in my everyday life. When I chose electives that year, I took a culinary class hoping for a fun class where I didn’t need to worry about any of my other subjects. However, I was wrong. 

The first month of class, we learned conversions, scaling recipes, and using proportions and ratios. We weren’t allowed to even touch a kitchen tool before memorizing all these conversions and math foundations. Before this class, measuring and converting ingredients was one of the longest parts of the cooking process. After mastering these simple math tools, I found myself working faster and having a lot more fun when I was cooking. I realized that the math, even though it was simple compared to my statistics and calculus classes, was fun. 

I started to approach my schoolwork in a positive way and look for ways math was present in my everyday life. When I got to college, it all started to click. The math I learned was being used across most of my classes, and I found myself truly enjoying math.

It may be hard to see the big picture when you are doing hours of math homework. Just like your math teacher tells you, though, math is everywhere! This summer, seek out ways to combat that pesky summer learning loss through activities you like to do. Take a break from doing practice problems and find ways to incorporate math into any summer activity! 

Different Ways to Explore Math This Summer

Do you like video or board games? Take a break from your Xbox and try a game like Variant Limits or Kahoot! DragonBox

Enjoy watching sports? Practice statistics with your favorite sports team stats like this Fantasy Football Activity

If you like drawing or art, explore mathematical art lessons like these from Artful Maths 

Play Math Jeopardy with friends to brush up on your knowledge. 

And if you are like me and love cooking, here are some fun activities and lessons with food from Study.com

You have spent hours in a classroom doing practice problems, so try something new this summer!

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