Enhanced Prep Turned My Reach Into Reality

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Written by Michael Hankins

For many high school students, classes and standardized tests can seem overwhelming or challenging in general, but there is always help somewhere. When I began participating in Virtual Village tutoring, my struggles soon became my strengths, and that is all thanks to the Enhanced Prep program. My hard work paid off, and now I am a freshman in college at Langston University.

My academic journey with Enhanced Prep began my junior year of high school when I logged in via Zoom for a few tutoring sessions. The help I received for my core classes, such as algebra, gave me nothing but academic confidence, which I carried with me beyond my tutoring sessions. The little time I spent with my tutor one-on-one had such a significant impact on my grades. I witnessed myself blossom from an average student to an above-average student because I took the initiative and made it a goal to get as much help as possible to become stronger academically.

Not only did Enhanced Prep help me go from a B student to an A student, but they also helped me boost my SAT scores, which ultimately allowed me to continue my academic journey by attending a four-year university. Standardized testing can be a pain to many — it certainly was to me — but with Rachel Mead’s assistance, I was able to tackle my SAT prep through Zoom sessions. Not only did this prep help me understand the testing format in a way that was simple to me, but it enabled me to increase my SAT score by 200 points! This score boost earned me acceptance letters from every school on my top ten list. By taking the initiative to do better as a student, I gave myself the luxury of choosing my path for my future.

All in all, Enhanced Prep has everything you could ask for in terms of academic support. By sacrificing a few hours a week, I could make my dreams of college come true. So, if I can make it happen, then you can, too!

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