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Written by Tanishk Gambhir

Much of the world has gone online this last year– those in the working world now regularly attend Zoom meetings and students now learn within virtual classrooms. As such, extracurricular opportunities for students, specifically high schoolers, have decreased significantly. 

This is especially the case for acts of service.

The good news is that it is still possible to pursue service virtually, and to do so in a fulfilling way. Here are five different opportunities for high school students to get involved beyond school and still contribute to their communities, all while remaining in the comfort and safety of their own homes!

1. Tarjimly 

Language can connect people yet also serves as a barrier when it cannot be shared. Tarjimly strives to address this barrier, allowing people to use their translation skills for the betterment of others.

Do you speak another language? Great! This means that you can utilize your native language or that AP French course to provide on-demand translation for those who need it the most. This service directly helps refugees and those awaiting asylum. 

Simply download the Tarjimly app and sign up as a translator. Volunteers go through several conduct trainings, and then once they have approval, they can get straight to work helping beneficiaries communicate.

2. Teenangels

Computer safety and responsible usage are more important than ever, now that online services are in such high demand. 

Those aged 13-18 can share their technical expertise with those around the country by teaching others how to safely use the internet. 

After completing a required training, Teenangels lead programs in their schools about safe surfing. Many have gone on to researchers, public speakers, and community leaders.

3. Best Buddies

This organization strives to create meaningful connections based on shared interests between volunteers and individuals with and without intellectual and development disabilities (IDD) through its Friendship Program.

You can get started with Best Buddies today–all you need is an internet connection! The organization connects volunteers easily via email.

4. Girls Inc. 

For girls out there looking to inspire other young women, this organization is the ideal place to do just that. 

Young volunteers can serve as social media ambassadors, utilizing the power of virtual influence to better the lives of other girls. All it takes is five minutes and a remote connection!


For aspiring future physicians, getting quality time with doctors is likely not feasible in the midst of the current pandemic. However, this does not mean that your medical education has to suffer. 

Through, learn from industry professionals online to ensure that you are both keeping up with your medical ambitions and gaining valuable experience. This program also offers pre-health advising.

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