How COVID Has Affected My Students

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Written by Candace Furman

Education has profoundly changed over the last year and half, in ways that many of us are still discovering. We have one student who normally earns honors and straight As and one who is autistic, and the pandemic has impacted them both in unexpected and significant ways. 

Our honors student, typically highly driven and very capable, has become sullen and apathetic over the course of the last year. He struggles to get out of bed some days due to his lack of interaction with his fellow students and sports. Additionally, our autistic son could not keep up with his coursework, no matter how much we assisted him every night with homework, time management, and studying. We finally made the decision to homeschool him. 

Unfortunately, this has been the story I have heard from so many parents. Every student has struggled in some capacity throughout this pandemic–our teachers are trying their best, but they truly are unable to reach so many of our students because of large class sizes and lack of participation on behalf of the students.  

We have found the only way to get our students through this time is their one-on-one tutoring with Enhanced Prep. It has been a huge life-saver for both of our students! Our oldest is doing much better and is much more engaged since he started his one-on-one tutoring with our amazing tutor Rachel. Our autistic son is almost at grade level with the support he has received from EP. He has excelled even beyond what he would be doing if he was attending in-person public school. We are just so blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization. While education as a whole will take some time to recover from the pandemic’s repercussions, we’re grateful to have EP as a part of our students’ support system in the years to come.

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