Investing in the STOCK that is YOU!

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Written by Paul Carey Jr. Ph.D.

I know today you didn’t think you would come here to learn about stocks, but you are in for a treat.  Today, you will learn about a stock that is always in a Bull Market, meaning that it will only continue to rise, but the degree in which it rises is determined by YOU!

What are stocks? In a general sense, they represent partial ownership of some type of business/corporation. If you were to have bought Tesla stock two years ago, you would have paid around $100 dollars. The Tesla stock price today is valued at over $1000 dollars. Wow! What an amazing investment. Unfortunately, you cannot go back in time and buy Tesla stock, but you can start investing in yourself today, and that stock has more value than any Tesla stock out there!

Now that you know what stocks are, how is this relevant to you and how can you start investing in yourself?

Well in 2010, Tesla stocks were around $4. Just like many still in school, they were developing their value, finding out what they were good at, and realizing what they could do to advance themselves.

For Tesla, the route was to invest in smart employees, research areas of interest, and have acquisitions to better position themselves for the future. 

Similar to Tesla, you will need to find individuals who you value to give advice. You will need to do a lot of research on universities and scholarships, and you will need to determine what opportunities, besides just school, can offer you the growth opportunities you’d like.

All of Tesla’s investments did not work out perfectly, and you will find that yours might not either. However, even when investments didn’t work out, Tesla was able to learn something new and pivot those failed investments into something even bigger. You will need to do the same!

Due to investments, Tesla has been able to GROW! Now that $4 stock from 2010 is worth over $1000- almost a 30,000% increase. Because they continued to invest in themselves, even when not profitable, they were able to learn, grow, and put themselves in positions to advance.

Just like Tesla, if you continue to invest in yourself by learning in school, taking leadership roles on different projects, learning useful skills from YouTube tutorials, you will also continue to elevate the value of your stock and be able to capitalize on the royalties of YOU!

While your story may take a different route than Tesla’s, it is never too early to invest in yourself!   I wish you nothing but success on your journey. Remember you are the Bull Market that will always rise in value, but the degree of the rise is in your hands!

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