Lack of Sleep:  Six things you can do today!

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Lack of Sleep:  Six things you can do today!

Lack of Sleep:  Six things you can do today!

Written by Keith B, Master Tutor for Enhanced Prep

In the previous installment, we wrote about the dangers of students sacrificing sleep for School. We outlined issues such as problematic metabolic and hormonal regulation, stress, and poor retention.  Students NEED 8.5 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

In this installment, we will discuss the six things you can do today to get more sleep and attain better grades.

Learn to study efficiently:

Students can start with a better note-taking system like Cornell Notes to help keep them more organized. While studying, they should remove distractions like phones and music.  Schedule breaks during studying for the restroom, etc. These breaks are CRITICAL to maintaining efficiency and performance during your studying. Learn to study a little bit each day.

Plan ahead:

Plan out your week IN ADVANCE.  Schedule the times you can eat, do homework, be in school, for extracurricular activities, and downtime. Students can also have a task list of the items that need to be accomplished (i.e., school projects, papers, etc). Parents can be an accountability partner to keep students focused and managing their tasks.

Goal Setting:

Students should set S.M.A.R.T. Goals.  These are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. They should set long term goals including short term goals leading up to them.  Once again, parents can help students with accountability.

Develop effective organizational routines:

Students should organize their study space so needed materials are easily accessible. They should have their weekly plan/task List easily visible for quick reference.

Develop a Growth Mindset: 

A growth mindset focuses on the idea that “you can learn”.  With a Growth Mindset, obstacles become challenges. Students will think: “How can I overcome this?”, instead of: “I can’t do this right now.” This is a huge driver to help students stay focus on their goals.

Ask for help when you need it: 

“No man is an island” -John Donne.  Students or Parents should ask for help if they do not know how to start.  Consult counselors or teachers at school for recommendations. If students are already working with a tutor, consult them.  If not, reach out to the Enhanced Prep team.


These suggestions are just a few ideas to help students manage their time better which in turn allows them to get more sleep at night.  More sleep at night will allow them to retain information better and be more focused in school leading to better grades and better outcomes.


We hope this helps parents and students find ways to get more sleep.

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