Managing Your Graduate School Applications:

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How to use supports to help you stay accountable

Written by Jake Clausen

Welcome to the fall term, EP Graduates! This is a big transition season for all. Everyone at Enhanced Prep is here to support you in these transitions. As you gear up for this term, your applications to graduate school will feel like a full course in itself. The process and experience of applying to graduate school is a daunting task, filled with small details and differing time tables. 

Managing your applications can feel like a full time job. As you prepare your applications, create a system of support for you that will help you stay organized, accountable to the work, and timely for due dates. Plan to have a consistent, set time each week to work on your applications, and build a connection with someone to help you track your progress and review your materials.   

For those who have already started college applications, now is a good time to review, edit, and revise your essays in the application. Make sure you are specifically emphasizing three qualities to really make your application stand out: specificity about the degree, the program, and the school you are applying to. 

A Few More Tips From A Counselor Perspective:

Be personal and let yourself shine. Show off how much you are a great fit for this program, and how the program is a great fit for you. After all, you are choosing to apply to that program for a reason. 

Be future-thinking. After you complete the program, consider what will be next and how that program will prepare you for the work you continue. 

Your friendly tutors at Enhanced Prep are also still here to help support you. 

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