Motivating The Smart But Lazy Student

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Motivating The Smart But Lazy Student

Motivating The Smart But Lazy Student

Written by, Candace Furman The Best Ever Advisor for Enhanced Prep

I am blessed to be raising three very different individuals. We have Katie, our typical oldest overachiever who has never needed help with anything and never needed motivating. Katie always got good grades, even if she had to be up all night studying or finishing a project. We never had to ask her how it was going because she always let us know every step of the way. Then, there is our youngest, Landon who is autistic but works incredibly hard in school. Watching my son fight to win every day is so special. Landon loves school and loves learning, but he struggles every step of the way; he is often angry that he is not learning quickly enough. His passion is so fun! Although his frustration can be difficult, Landon never gives up–what a pleasure to witness.

Colin, my magnificent middle child, is today’s subject. He is full of life, has the best sense of humor, and is incredibly smart. So smart he doesn’t have to try most of the time. Things come extremely easy to him, usually leading him to not really try. He has a tendency to ignore projects until the last minute, and refuse to study for tests because he is confident he will pass–most of the time he does. The biggest issue I have with him is that he is my straight-B student who could easily be a straight-A student with just the tiniest bit of effort. Colin refuses to put in that little bit of effort because he feels his grades are better than most; in his mind, why should he have to?  We have tried bribing him, grounding him, and pretty much every other form of motivation out there. Ultimately, it simply seems like he doesn’t care. Luckily, I have one solution at my fingertips: Colin is motivated by individuals he respects. He is inspired by those who have achieved greatness in life: musicians, athletes, scientists, and of course Youtubers who have created a huge online following for doing something creative. 

I am blessed to work for an amazing team here at Enhanced Prep–a team of tutors who have not only achieved amazing things in their personal lives, but who also know how to teach and motivate kids in ways parents never could; our team is comprised of individuals who have achieved greatness in their own way, and there is something really cool and unique about each of them! After matching Colin with a tutor who could mentor and teach him in a way that is tailored to his needs, I no longer had to threaten or bribe him. Instead, there is a patient team of people who know how to bring out the best qualities in Colin as a student.  

At Enhanced Prep, we always spend time getting to know our students so we can assign them a tutor who is best-matched to their needs. We consider not only their subject needs, but also, personality, and what actually motivates them as a student!  This is not a one-size-fits-all company. We tailor each and every aspect of our program to every student. We are proud to say this is something no other company in the industry offers.

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