Parenting During Covid-19

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Written By Mereat Askander

We have all experienced the immense impact of COVID-19 in our homes and schools. This has generated a lot of complex stress and an immediate call for academic improvisation. As parents, we have especially needed to figure out how to become the teacher, the coach, and the counselor our children relied on for success in today’s academic environment. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when tackling these challenging times to make sure you and your family make it through COVID-19 healthy and happy. 


Stepping back and realizing that these are challenging times that have called for roles you were not prepared for is important. Many of us were not trained to be educators or coaches, necessarily, on top of full-time jobs.

When it comes to molding yourself into these roles during a global event such as this pandemic, it is essential to be kind to yourself. Understand that building or supporting the perfect curriculum and learning environment for your child at home is challenging even for a team of educators! 

Focus on the essentials, which include family well-being, mental health, life skills, and communication.

Acknowledge your emotions, too, no matter how complicated they might feel. It is normal to experience fear, anxiety, and depression, for example, and for your children to experience these as well.


With the rapidly changing environment around us these days, it is easy to give into our frustrations and anxiety. We naturally prefer a schedule, including children; after all, when we are able to anticipate what our day will look like, we feel more confident and ready to face it. 

Structuring your activities each week with your child will help stabilize any frustrations and keep everyone in the house busy. This can generate a sense of familiarity and constancy in the midst of so much global uncertainty.

Remember to also schedule in some self-care time, as much as possible, even if such time involves 10-minute yoga sessions, brief morning meditations, or quick evening baths.


When it comes to becoming the teacher for our children during these times, it can be useful to utilize the internet. There are many free educational platforms and apps out there that it can act as a temporary replacement for the classroom. 

Scheduling educational hours into your child’s daily routine will help keep them on track and ready to immerse themselves into the classroom when restrictions are lifted. Some of these platforms include Khan Academy, Coursera, and TedTalks, just to name a few.

The internet also has many resources for those who are parenting during COVID-19, including The American Psychological Association, Child Mind Institute, and World Health Organization.

As always, Enhanced Prep is here to support families navigating this crisis. Don’t be afraid to drop us a line to learn more about our academic support, homework help, and test prep options.

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