Perfecting Success And Being Ok If You Don't Reach It

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Written by Wesley Ecoiffier

If you want to achieve success, you have to prepare for it. 

Everyone thinks it’s normal for a pianist to spend hours at the piano, repeating a piece of music until they get it just right, or for a basketball player to go to the gym for hours to put up shots, perfect his form and achieve innate muscle memory. Track runners will run for hours on end, pushing themselves until they can barely stand. For school, what greatness could be achieved if one did the same? If you perfected your skills and knowledge with more consistency and dedication? 

Your homework, the SAT, the ACT, college classes… they won’t necessarily get any easier. It is up to you to get better-  to get to a point where you can successfully take on those challenges. So, get stronger to achieve your goals. Find the things that need to be done to get there and do it. Work hours on end, dedicate yourself to them, and try your best to achieve that thing. You will either get there or you won’t (yet). If you do, great, you celebrate. And if you don’t… It’s ok. Allow yourself failure. 

Understand that you may do well and still fall short of your goals. Maybe you don’t end up getting the extremely high SAT score of your dreams. Maybe you disappoint yourself with your finals at the end of your junior year, or get complacent during senior year. When you begin your college career, it might not be the ideal that you had imagined at your dream school. It might not even be a great experience altogether.  

But failure and falling short of one’s goals are completely ok. It happens to everyone- believe it or not. Needless to say, that includes the people who you think have achieved the most – they all failed at something. But they did not let that stop them. They kept going with singular vision toward their goal.

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