Set Your Goals & Work Backward

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Written by Jake Clausen M.Ed.

Welcome scholars to the 2022 – 2023 school year! For some, y’all have been back in the rhythm of school for about a month, and for others, we are just recently back into it. This is also our first year back with some degree of normalcy and predictability, so I hope it is a great year for all. From all of us at Enhanced Prep, we welcome you to the new school year and as a College Admission Advisor, I would like to share some advice for the new school year.

At the start of each year, we all get an opportunity for a fresh start: reinstate routines, schedules, and structures back into our daily lives. We get the opportunity to start anew with different perspectives and to choose what we want to accomplish. My advice for all starting the new school year is to reflect on your goals for this year, write them down everyday, and use your structures and daily routines to make small incremental progress towards that goal everyday.

How we use our time is one of the most important tools to help us have a great year. Being mindful of how we spend our time is a guarantee to have a successful new school year. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the thought of a new school year, or this feels like something extra for you, I encourage and invite you to read the next paragraph about how to be intentional with your time and accomplish your goal. 

Here is a helpful process.  Think of the daily, necessary structures and routines for earning a goal and start with your biggest goal. Then, work backwards on what other accomplishments will take place during the process of achieving that big goal. If the goal this year is to have a high GPA, you will have smaller accomplishments of earning strong grades on essays, tests, projects, and assignments. Instead of focusing only on getting a strong GPA, instead think of what will help support you earning a good grade on an essay or test. Put the structure and routine in place to help support those accomplishments. Have a set study routine, location, time, and environment that supports your learning. Then each day as you use those structures and routines, making small daily progress and earning up those smaller accomplishments, soon you’ll have your big goal met. Now the time will come that something else will want to take the place of your established routine. This is where having your written goal everyday will help you stay accountable to yourself and your routine. This new school year can be a great success for all, and how you will use your time will determine that success. Here at Enhanced Prep we are eager and ready to help you achieve your success. Bring us along as part of your study habits, and we’ll take on the new school year together. Have a great Fall, everyone!

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