Set Yourself Apart Now!

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Set Yourself Apart Now!

Set Yourself Apart Now!

Written by, Paul Carey Jr. Master Tutor & Major Giver for Enhanced Prep

While thinking about college is always important, it is never too early to start thinking about life after you graduate, and how you will set yourself apart from others when looking for a career or starting your own business. Many of the things that set you apart will be the skills you bring to a potential company. Although many of those skills won’t be taught in school, many can be learned through experience. Below are a few steps you can begin working on now that will help set you apart from others.


I have worked with many students, and often they tell me what they want to do after college; whether it be developing phone applications, being involved with social media sites, or working in the finance industry. While it is awesome that they have a plan for after college, I often ask them, why limit yourself until after you graduate? If you are interested in developing apps, start now by looking at YouTube videos on coding. If you are interested in social media sites, go to local businesses and see if they will allow you to develop their Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat pages. If it’s finance, then learn about taxes and start doing all your friends’ taxes. Endeavors such as these will allow you to make money before you even get to college. 

The cool thing is, even if you do not end up on your expected career path, you will already have gained a ton of experience, and not just in those areas; just think about it. You will gain networking skills, project management skills, marketing skills, and many others by following your interest early. While these may not sound like much, all these skills can play a huge role in landing your dream job in the future, or even in helping you in your entrepreneurial career. So, develop your skills early and often to expand your career opportunities for the future.


One of the most meaningful Ted talks I have viewed was titled “Why some of us don’t have one true calling” by Emile Wapnick. In this talk, Emily mentioned that, as a kid, we are often asked what we want to be when we grow up—as if there is only one option. Instead, what we should be encouraged to ponder are all the many things we are capable of pursuing.  This point made me think about singular growth and the slow loss of creativity. When we were kids, many of us were so adventurous; whether it was building forts around the house with chairs and sheets, modifying our bicycles, drawing clothes that we thought were cool, or even doing something simple like coloring with our friends. As we grew older and began to focus on our careers, our families, and our friends, we often began to lose that adventurous side we once had. The key is, to continue to let that inner child out and gain new experiences. Embark on journeys that might be fun, but may also run the risk of failing, there is often a lot you can learn during these times.

Creativity is one of the most valuable skills we can possess; not only with respect to artistic aspects of life but also in critical thinking and problem-solving situations, both require a ton of creativity. Multiple studies have shown that over 60% of managers interviewed say that recent graduates lack good problem-solving skills. That is huge if you consider how competitive the job market is. Creativity will continue to be an important skill to possess and something we should all work on improving.

In conclusion, now is the time to start thinking about your future and investing in your skills. By embarking on challenging experiences and continuing to keep your creativity fresh and growing, you will have a jump start towards setting yourself up for a bright future. 


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