Abdullah Paracha

Abdullah Paracha

Master Tutor & Scribe
Address:Ashburn, VA


Abdullah lives in Northern Virginia, and is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a BA in
History. He is starting Medical School this upcoming Fall, and is excited at the prospect of
becoming a Physician! Since 2018, Abdullah has been tutoring students of all ages in multiple
subjects, from mathematics to English as a Second Language.

Abdullah truly believes that any student can succeed with hard work. His tutoring approach is
always student-driven. From his own experiences, Abdullah knows that every student learns
differently, and will cater each tutoring session based on what the student needs. Abdullah is
excited to work with Enhanced Prep, and looks forward to having the opportunity of helping
students meet their goals!

Fun fact: Abdullah loves watching documentaries about different parts of the world, and if
prompted, can talk for hours about random tidbits of information. He is also a big NBA/NFL fan,
and is slightly harder to reach during Fantasy Football season.