Amanda Jameson

Amanda Jameson

Master Tutor & Big People Person
Address:Boulder, CO


Amanda has spent seven years deep in both college- and graduate-level standardized test
preparation. Her biggest takeaway? These tests are eminently beatable, with the right
preparation, the right strategies, the right content knowledge, and just the right amount of fun.
Combine that knowledge with her anthropology and English background – and her knack for
explaining math when it doesn’t come naturally – and you’ve got a tutor that’s passionate about
finding ways to help her students personally connect with and succeed at these tests.

While Amanda has studied at fancy schools like Vassar (BA) and Oxford (MS), her teaching
style is clear, down to earth, and relatable. She loves meeting students where they are as
blossoming individuals, discovering what works for them and their individual learning styles, and
then maximizing their strengths to help them achieve their goals. She delights in using media
references to make her points, and strives to make her teaching as entertaining as possible.
She also likes to show students where their hard work on standardized tests overlaps with their
in-school tests, to give them that two-for-one benefit.

Fun Fact: Amanda has thru-hiked over 3500 miles – 2,650 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, 485
miles on the Colorado Trail, and 425 miles on the Grand Enchantment Trail. She’s deeply
involved with the long-distance hiking community as well, frequently volunteering at events and
currently serving as Vice President of the board of the American Long Distance Hiking
Association – West. She’s passionate about getting everyone outdoors, whether they go to a
local park or find themselves on a trail that’s thousands of miles long.