Amelia-Kate Riley

Amelia-Kate Riley

Tutor Manager & Flagship Tutor
Address:Nashville, TN


Amelia-Kate is a member of our Flagship team and has been an educator for over eleven years. She is deeply invested in her students’ well-being and capacity to succeed. In many cases, Amelia-Kate leaves tutoring sessions even more excited than her students, which is saying something!

Amelia-Kate is a deeply compassionate and empathetic instructor who understands the value of challenge and exploring one’s own potential. Her teaching style is engaging, intuitive, and creative, with an emphasis on student-driven learning. She excels at establishing a personal connection with each of her students and building their confidence at all stages of the academic journey.

Fun fact: Amelia-Kate is obsessed with Shakespeare and is a successful playwright. She is also passionate about hummus, sustainability, and her beloved cat, Sampson (who frequently makes appearances during tutoring sessions).