Breneya Johnson

Breneya Johnson

Our Resident Utility Player - Advisor & Tutor
Address:Tacoma, WA


Breneya is a Tacoma native. She is a proud ℅ 2014 Lincoln High School graduate.
She received a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from
Western Washington University.

One of Breneya’s long-term goals is to open her own school tailored for underserved
populations so that they can pursue their college and career goals in an accessible and safe
environment. By serving others, she hopes to learn more about herself as an individual,
advocate, leader, and future educator. Breneya’s passion and dedication to support others
stems not only from the help that she received growing up on the Eastside of Tacoma but also
from the safe haven that education provided for her. In the near future, Breneya intends to
pursue a joint PhD in African Diaspora Studies and Sociology with the goal of becoming a
sociology professor.

Fun Facts: Breneya dreams of living on a couple of acres of land abroad with a massive garden,
maybe a goat and some chickens, tucked away from society. She enjoys growing herbs and
florals to make her own teas as well as making her own skin and hair products. In her free time
she likes to read, work out, garden, go fishing with her dog Cassius and eat an excessive
amount of snacks while binge watching tv. Her favorite things to watch are K Dramas, anime
and anything zombie-related.