Chloe Miller

Chloe Miller

Director of Tutor Training & Flagship Tutor
Address:Chicago, IL


Chloe is a member of our Flagship team and is a teacher, mentor, and nurturer at heart. Not only does she tutor
standardized tests, but also math, English, Korean, piano, and yoga. Her students
will say “Chloe is engaging and energetic, yet able to break down a difficult topic so I
can understand better.” Chloe has been teaching for years she starting tutoring
other students in high school.

Chloe’s teaching style is guiding students through the anxiety and stress of the test
prep process to those “Eureka!” moments when they begin to truly understand the
strategies she is teaching. She is a firm believer that each student learns differently
so they need a customized plan for learning that they can carry over into success in
school and the rest of his or her life.

Fun fact: Chloe is a yoga instructor and an amazing chef with a unique Korean
fusion style. Plus you should see her figure skate, it’s amazing!