Chris Milan Ph.D.

Chris Milan Ph.D.

Master Tutor of All Traders
Address:Chicago, IL


Chris decided to become an archeologist when his history advisor at DePaul University said it
was a natural fit. While he was finishing his Ph.D. at Yale University, he was offered a chance to
come back to DePaul. Since then Chris has been providing students the same opportunities that
his mentors gave him – the chance to explore the things that interest them most and thrive
intellectually. It is a philosophy that he also brings to tutoring as well; he not only wants students
to feel comfortable with the material they are studying but feel good about their work.

Chris has also worked as a tutor for over six years. He has a background with the ACT, SAT,
GRE, LSAT, and MCAT-CARS. Aside from teaching anthropology, he also has experience
teaching college courses in ancient literature, women’s studies, and world history. Because of
this, Chris is capable of helping with homework on a variety of subjects, and can provide advice
on essay writing.

When he is not teaching in Chicago, Chris still travels to Peru to continue his archeological
research. He is interested in the people who lived around the modern city of Lima during the
Initial Period (1800 – 800 BC) and Early Horizon (800 – 200 BC). He has excavated a number
of temples and small farming villages in order to see how people from different communities
connected with each other.

Fun facts: Chris has a rescue dog that he named Zilong, after a Chinese general from the Three
Kingdoms Period (189 – 280) His fantasy football team name is the Dumpster Fires because
that’s how the season is going.