David Shirley

David Shirley

Master Tutor & Math Ambassador


David has spent thousands of hours providing students the guidance to look beyond
memorizing formulas and analyze the concepts that made them. If a student knows that the
distance formula is just the Pythagorean Theorem, they’ll know how to use it every time. If a
student knows how exponents relate to multiplication, they’ll be able to prove the rules to
themselves during the test.

That’s why David places such an emphasis on exploration in his sessions. He wants his
students to step off the beaten path, ask questions, and put the pieces together themselves.

David holds an Economics degree from the University of Tennessee, and has spent years
as a full-time tutor. Currently, he tutors on the side while working in tech in the Bay Area.

Fun Facts: David loves to immerse himself in strategy games. He is also a complete
audiophile and voracious consumer of music. As one of his first coding projects, David
made a computer program teach itself how to play Blackjack. This lifelong nerd finally
started exercising in 2019, and is now thrilled to keep setting new personal records at