Jess Thomas

Jess Thomas

Mast Educator & Environmentalist!
Address:Seattle, WA


Jess (they/them) has a B.A. in Psychology from Yale, where they studied developmental
psychology, and an M.A. in Biology from Miami University, focusing on community-based
conservation. They have been tutoring students for over a decade, mostly focused on SAT &
ACT prep.

Jess knows that every student can succeed, and their role is to find the right conditions to
facilitate that success. Growing up, Jess personally experienced test anxiety. They know how
stressful test prep can be, so they like creating a kind and encouraging environment for their
students. Every student is unique, so Jess will use anything from drawings and props to
personal stories and pop culture references to help students learn. They want students to feel
seen, heard, and supported.

Fun fact: Jess also works as an environmental educator, teaching people cool things about
intertidal invertebrates, including the best way to get a hug from a sea urchin!