Kevin Hall

Kevin Hall

The Typescript Tutor & Smile Maker
Address:Boalsburg, PA


Kevin bonds with his students through playful humor that could make a grandma giggle. He can teach young adults a lot about writing (such as how he just used alliteration to create a hopefully somewhat funny effect), and he pushes teens to realize their responsibility for the outcomes in their lives. Young adults appreciate how he listens to and empathizes with them, and they almost always conclude one of his tutoring sessions feeling cheerier and more confident than they did when the session began. He “has a strong calling to help others, is a writing expert, and is very creative in the way he relates to students.”

Before he became a tutor, Kevin worked at a major banking corporation where he taught technology classes and managed a career-empowerment newsletter. He majored in English Literature and Creative Writing at Elon University and has extensive tutoring experience. Kevin is extremely grateful to be able to work with Enhanced Prep because it is a trustworthy company in the tutoring industry and is filled with caring people.


Kevin was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and could smell chocolate on the air that rolled through the open windows of his school bus when he was but a wee little lad.


Essay Writing & Reading Comprehension