Lindsay Quan

Lindsay Quan

Tutor To The World
Address:Los Angeles, CA


Lindsay received her Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of California, Los Angeles. After
graduating, she taught ESL in China, Korea, Japan, and Thailand. She has a CELTA teaching certificate and
enjoys teaching students across the United States and abroad.

When she returned to the United States, she took the GRE exam and thought the reading passages were
fun to read. Her appreciation for the test led her to teach a GRE course at a university extension
program, where she subsequently taught SAT courses and workshops.

Lindsay also worked for several test prep companies where she tutored students on the SAT, ACT, and
GRE. She has since lost count of how many practice tests she has taken herself. She can show students
how to eliminate answer choices without knowing the question and can also correctly guess which
answer her students selected when they miss a problem. She uses a socratic teaching method to
empower students and instill confidence in their knowledge.

When she’s not teaching, she’s listening to podcasts about story structure, reading books and articles
about character development, or watching Youtube videos dissecting horribly written movies. She has a
rolodex of opening hooks in her mind and applies story structure to help her students create compelling
essays. Her students have been accepted at almost every UC in California, including UCLA and UC
Berkeley, and USC. She also volunteers to evaluate scholarship application essays for UCLA.

Fun Fact: Lindsay writes interactive scripts for mobile games.