Lloyd Chen

Lloyd Chen

Master Tutor & World Traveler
Address:Elk Grove, CA


Lloyd graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Psychology. He has previously worked in investment banking and management consulting but decided to switch to his true passion in psychology. He has lived internationally in many countries, including Ethiopia, Cambodia, and many parts of Europe. While in Cambodia, Lloyd was a guidance counselor at CIA First International School where he advised students on college applications, career planning, and general life advice. Lloyd has been tutoring since 2010 and enjoys teaching a wide range of subjects, from the social sciences to STEM.

Knowing how formative education is to one’s growth, Lloyd has a passion for helping students reach their full potential. He does his best to assess the needs of the student, to break down concepts into understandable chunks, and to empower students to reach mastery the best they can. As a psychologist, he is also passionate about emboldening students’ mindsets and providing mental tools so students can be successful as individuals in and out of the classroom. 

Fun Fact: Lloyd loves to travel and has been to over 50 countries. In his free time, he enjoys meditating, singing, and reading philosophy and self-help books.