Mereat Askander

Mereat Askander

The Capacity Building Tutor
Address:San Diego, CA


Mereat has earned her Public Health Degree at UC San Diego and is now working toward
becoming a podiatrist (foot/ankle surgeon). She uses the wealth of her experiences to serve
each of her students’ needs and excite them about the material they are learning.

Mereat has tutored K-12 and beyond since 2013, and effectively communicates with her
students to guide them to academic and lifelong success. She has a great interest in mobilizing
students to become self-sufficient and creative thinkers. Mereat enjoys working with her
students as a team and strives to give the best guidance she can.

Fun Fact: Mereat also enjoys things such as traveling, exercising, hiking, and reading. She has
traveled to Hawaii, Cancun, and Egypt. Some of her favorite hiking trails are located in San
Diego, CA and her favorite book is the Power of Habit.