Paul Carey Jr. Ph.D.

Paul Carey Jr. Ph.D.

Tutor Manager & Flagship Tutor
Address:San Diego, CA


Paul is a member of our Flagship team and graduated from Purdue University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. He received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Indiana University. During his time at Indiana University, Paul taught general chemistry and provided one-on-one mentoring to undergraduate students. Paul spent a year working in the medical device industry focusing on both the production of DNA and RNA extraction kits for genomic sequencing and the manufacturing of various centrifugation instruments. 

Paul has over 15 years of tutoring experience and has mentored students of all ages and backgrounds. Paul has served as an agent of change. He has helped grade school, high school, and college students improve their grades in Chemistry, Physics, and various math classes through confidence building and content-based learning. Paul has a unique ability to engage with people from all walks of life. He believes all students are able to achieve their goals with effort and a strong support system. Paul teaches in a manner that brings out the student’s individual learning style, and he uses that as a catapult to advance the student’s learning experience. Paul’s greatest joy as a mentor is observing his students finally seeing as much potential in themselves as he does. 

Outside of being an instructor, Paul enjoys serving as an active member of various service organizations. He believes that giving back is the most rewarding opportunity in life. His hobbies include swimming, football, baseball, sports video games, and travel. He also participates on trivia teams as a sports expert.