Sean Rogers

Sean Rogers

College Physics Professor & Math Wiz 
Address:Seattle, WA


Sean has tutored and taught high school and college physics and math in the Seattle area for the past decade. When he introduces himself as a college physics professor, the two typical responses have been “Physics is hard – I hated my teacher,” and “So you must be super smart, huh?” 

Tiring of those responses, Sean has been dedicated to making physics more accessible and applicable to any student he interacts with. Sean’s teaching style is relaxed and affirmative – he always has the “big picture” in mind and will try to make as many connections as possible. 

Fun fact: A west-coast man through and through, Sean has lived in California, Oregon, and Washington State since he was 2. He has seen every inch of the I-5, from San Ysidro to Peach Arch. In his spare time, Sean tries to keep up with the younger people on the soccer field and basketball courts 

Physics and Math Specialist (HS, SAT II, MCAT)