Tanishk Gambhir

Tanishk Gambhir

Master Tutor & World Traveler
Address:Tomball, TX


Currently a Pre-Med Senior studying Sociology at Texas A&M International University, Tanishk
is part of an 8 year BA/MD program and will be attending medical school in the near future. He
has years of experience tutoring not only academic subjects, but also standardized tests.

The life of a Pre-Med is always hectic, yet Tanishk likes to emphasize the importance of staying
active and healthy despite a chaotic workload. Tanishk likes to teach in a way that focuses on
long term knowledge through his process of material reinforcement. He ensures that the
student can learn without any added stress, since this makes for an optimal learning technique.
He wants you to know that while the journey may be difficult, the outcome is always worth the

Fun Fact: In his free time, Tanishk enjoys traveling the world and has been to over a dozen
countries, exploring the food and culture that these places have to offer. His most favorite
country is Switzerland.