Tino Wells

Tino Wells

Master Tutor Extraordinaire
Phone:(323) 433-9775
Address:Redmond, OR


Tino is currently working as a Technical Trainer at C3.ai, teaching customers key principles in
Machine Learning, Data Science & Advanced Application Development. Tino has a Bachelor of
Science from the University of Hawaii Cum laude, his field of study is in Astronomy, and a B.A.,in
Physic Cum laude.

Tino has been a TA and Trainer for a number of years now and enjoys teaching Per Calc, AP
Calc, or all things math or science. He has worked in fields that apply his mathematical and
science background such as – utilizing machine learning algorithms to better understand the
motion and evolution of ionic species throughout the cosmos; partnered with Hawaii NASA
Space Grant Consortium.

Fun Fact: Tino spends pretty much all of his free time coding, playing chess, or mountain biking.
Hopefully one of these hobbies can make him a living, some day! Little known fact: Annually,
more people die from vending machines than sharks, yet society (mainly media) has promoted
the fear of sharks over vending machines.