Surprisingly effective. Last year when my oldest son did OK, but not phenomenal, on his tests, we tried improving his scores with a local prep company recommended by his school. As with many other companies, their focus was on repetitive testing in a group environment. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. This year when my youngest son received a 30 (with 28’s in Science and English) on his October ACT, we looked for something different. Based on a recommendation from a friend, we tried Enhanced Prep. My son, who is a bit shy, responded well to the one-on-one tutoring. He learned test taking strategies and the personal tutoring format was able to focus on his weak areas. After ten sessions, I can’t argue with the results. He scored a 35 on his December ACT (with 36’s for Science and English) and just completed his first interview for Harvard.

It was well worth it. 

We give Enhanced Prep 5 Stars!

John B. Parent Luke's Dad