The Power of the Present

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Written by Te’ave Metzger-Magalei

As we move into the New Year, it is easy to get bogged down in thoughts of goals and plans for how to achieve them. Don’t let that happen. Yes, it is fantastic to set goals and plan out how you will get there, but the focus needs to be on the now. We have to face the challenges that come up daily before we can tackle long-term annual goals. Live and enjoy life. The goals will achieve themselves as long as you stay focused. If we worry too much about end results, then we miss out on the joy in the process. I love to play sports and when the game is over and the emotions settle, I’m left wanting more. The best part about it wasn’t winning the game but playing it. Live. Love. Laugh. Live each day in the now, and you will see beauty and value in the present.

For those of you who are applying to schools or jobs, just take it day by day. Just for a second, forget about the dream career that you wish you had or the dream major you wish you were in and focus on what you can do today to get there. Now we’re back to where we need to be. With the increasing use of technology, we expect things to happen so quickly, but some goals take time. We have to remember that if we’re not doing what needs to be done today, then we’ll never reach that goal in the end. Trust the process.

You might not be at the stage in life that you wished you were at, but 5-10 years from now, you’ll be looking back and wishing you could still have some small piece of what used to be. Whether it’s your youth, or friends, or even just an old favorite pair of shoes, there’s always something to reminisce about. The decisions you make today shape who you will be in the future. It takes 21 days for an action to become a habit, and 90 days for that habit to become a lifestyle. Focus on the now and everything else will fall into place. The future is out of reach and the past is set in stone, but the present is in our hands. Hold onto it and cherish it.

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