Enhanced Prep - Where We Turn Reach Into Reality!

How We Turn Reach Into Reality:

After spending over 25 years in supplemental education with some of the industry’s largest companies we realized there was something missing and knew that we could create a company that would Enhance the experience for students, parents, and the tutors. With a focus on helping our students Turn Reach Into Reality we provide the tutoring resources to make sure grades and test scores do not stand in the way of them reaching their goals.

We believe it takes a team and that is why we work closely with parents to make sure that students have the support they need.  

Here are a few of the Enhanced things we do:

     *  One-on-One Customized Tutoring

     *  We match our students with a tutor and then create a plan for success

     *   We involve parents every step of the way with a recap video and shared notes directly from the tutor at the end of each session

     *   We work on more than homework or test prep–we also look to build confidence and excitement

     *  We remove the fear and anxiety for both the student and parents alike

     *  We only hire the best of the best; our tutors have at least five years of experience and a bachelors degree

     *  We become your team focused on Turning Reach Into Reali

The Ways We Can Help

Our team are some of the best and most passionate tutors we could find. They teach for the love of help students achieve scores and grades they never thought possible. On average our tutors have over 5 years of experience with most well over 10. We know students will love working with them and parents we be excited with the amazing results. Contact one of our amazing advisors today to learn how Enhanced Prep can help Turn Your Reach Into Reality!

K-12 Academic Support & Test Prep

Our academic support covers all subjects covered in K-12, including all AP's. We are also leaders in SAT and ACT prep. Our next level support combined with some of the most talented tutors in the industry will help guide your student to success, Turning Their Reach Into Reality!

Grad Test Prep

We know the in's and out's of preparing for exams like the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and more.

Virtual Village

The Virtual Village is a place that students can come get support for all academics, test prep, and so much more. Check out the Virtual village page for more information.

Enhanced Prep Stats

Of Our Student Are Accepted Into One Of Their Top Choice Schools
Number Of Different Countries Our Students Currently Live In
Average Number Years Of Experience For Enhanced Prep Tutors
14 +
Total Number Of Students Served By Enhanced Prep Tutors

Trusted by Over 17,500 Families

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