Enhanced Prep - Where We Turn Reach Into Reality!

Enhanced Prep - Turning Reach Into Reality

Why Choose Enhanced Prep

After working for some of the most well-known test prep and tutoring companies for more than 25 years, we realized there is something missing from the experience for both students and parents. Here at Enhanced Prep, we elevate everything, including grades, test scores, and the confidence students have both in school and in taking their official SAT or ACT test.

Here are a few of the Enhanced things we do:

  • One-on-One Customized Tutoring
  • We match our students with a tutor and then create a plan for success
  • We involve parents every step of the way with a recap video and shared notes directly from the tutor at the end of each session
  • We work on more than homework or test prep–we also look to build confidence and excitement
  • We remove the fear and anxiety for both the student and parents alike
  • We only hire the best of the best; our tutors have at least three years of experience in standardized testing
  • We become your team focused on Turning Reach Into Reality!

What We Offer

Whether you are looking for one-on-one test prep, group test prep, on-demand self-paced test prep, or homework help, our advisors along with one of our fantastic tutors will develop a customized attack to help you Turn Reach Into Reality!

1-on-1 ACT or SAT Test Prep

We offer customized test prep tutoring packages that will help fill the gaps to help you reach your goal score & school.

Small Group SAT or ACT Test Prep

Prep for your official test in a small group environment with up to 10 students max. Includes 12-hours of tutoring and 3 full length practices tests.

Homework Help

No matter the subject, no matter the grade level, our homework help package will keep your grades on track.

Enhanced Prep Stats

Of Our Student Are Accepted Into One Of Their Top Choice Schools
Number Of Different Countries Our Students Currently Live In
Average Number Years Of Experience For Enhanced Prep Tutors
14 +
Total Number Of Students Served By Enhanced Prep Tutors

Trusted by Over 16,500 Families

Get started on your road to “Turning Reach Into Reality”

I worked with Rachel to prepare for the ACT, she was awesome, the best possible tutor for me. She not only taught me how to score really high on the ACT but she also taught me how to manage my stress with techniques that really worked for me. Rachel was very accommodating and tailored her…

Sophia L. Student

Rachel’s tutoring enabled our son, Kyle, to get accepted to his first choice college. Her tutoring helped strengthen his testing abilities, as well as helped him understand how to effectively study & retain information.   Rachel is a fabulous tutor. She identified how he absorbs information, what areas he needed additional focus on, and he…

Tara V. Parent

I worked with Rachel to prep for the ACT. Her energy while tutoring and ongoing efforts after tutoring to look for the exact types of questions I was constantly making a mistake on and sending me practice to make sure I never got that type wrong again. I give Rachel and Enhanced Prep 5 Stars!

Daniela A. Student

Rachel Mead has graciously come in for each of our sessions, and has delivered an engaging and informative presentation for the students. Her delivery style keeps the students engaged throughout the whole session and provides insights that many of these students haven’t had the opportunity to hear. In every group that has come through this…

Aamie Benson Training Specialist

My daughter Sophia tutored with Rachel and had an amazing experience, her results were beyond our wildest dreams. Not only did she teach my daughter about the ACT she also has become a life coach. The online platform provided a lot of flexibility around Sophia’s schedule. Rachel’s calm & focused approach was exactly what she…

Julie L. Parent

My son, Seth, tutored with Jean, the tutoring absolutely helped him focus, learn & practice the skills and knowledge he needed to greatly improve his ACT score. He was also more motivated to work with/for his tutor than by himself (or for his parents). She was very focused and really knew where my son was…

Janet D. Parent

Tyler had really good sessions with Kevin, learned a lot, and felt a lot more confident going into his official SAT. He Feels he did much better on the English portion then he did before.   We very much appreciate Enhanced Prep taking the time to accommodate our immediate timeline and customizing your offering under…

Jim K. Parent

My daughter Mackenzie had the pleasure of working with Rachel on preparing for the ACT. Rachel helped bolster her weak subject areas, taught her specific ACT testing strategies & provided accountability for studying.   Rachel was easy to understand, extremely knowledgable & patient.   Rachel helped Mackenzie achieve her target score and she was accepted…

Robin C. – Parent Parent

Tutoring with Rachel for the ACT helped me prepare for the type of questions & challenges I would face taking the test. Her lessons allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident when I took my official test.   I love that Rachel was understanding of my own challenges and strengths. She made sure that…

BriAna L. Student

I can’t even begin to express the gratitude I have for Rachel Mead & the Enhanced Prep team. My son, Wylan, is a marginal student who had no desire to go to college until his senior year. We were way behind the eight ball when Rachel stepped in. Beyond Rachel’s extensive knowledge of the ACT,…

Dallas B. Parent

Working with Rachel while preparing for the ACT gave me confidence in my test taking ability and also gave me the proper tools. The one-on-one tutoring took the stress I normally feel in school away.   Rachel helped make me feel like I was capable of anything, she made me feel like I could manage…

Madi D. Student

On behalf of Stadium High School, I want to thank you for your support in helping our student’s become test ready. The program you have implemented for the PSAT prep is outstanding. You and your company are a real asset to the Stadium family. Rachel, you are one of our student’s favorite tutors and they…

Kevin Ikeda Principal

This tutoring was instrumental in helping Camila achieve her testing goals. She was able to learn key strategies and skills that enabled her to maximize her time management and scoring abilities. In addition, her tutor, Jean Hsu, provided her with valuable coaching, advice and the encouragement that provide Camila exactly what she needed to succeed.

Alfred G. Parent

I felt amazed! My scores improved and my English skills jumped to another level. Working with Kate was great. She has a way of teaching that makes everything fun! Even if you don’t like the subject I am 100% sure that she will make it fun. I have never had a better teacher, thank you,…

Leon Q. Student

From the very first phone call with Cindy, I knew this was the perfect match for my daughter. Everyone was so kind and helpful and really took the time to educate me on the process. We are so grateful to both Cindy and Rachel.

Catherine P. Parent

Chloe is engaging and energetic, yet able to break down a difficult topic so I can understand it better.   Chloe is very motivating and expects only the best for me and helped me find a way to give it every time.   I wish all of my teachers had the same teaching style as…

Joshua H. Student

  Surprisingly effective. Last year when my oldest son did OK, but not phenomenal, on his tests, we tried improving his scores with a local prep company recommended by his school. As with many other companies, their focus was on repetitive testing in a group environment. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. This year when my youngest…

John B. Parent

I took a group GRE course with Enhanced Prep. Both Kate & Rachel were amazing. They helped me tremendously. They both were so knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to help. I wish we would have had more time to go over homework and additional questions but other than that it was awesome.

Seleni P. Student

I had an opportunity to work with Charles and he really helped me really increase my confidence and scores within all areas, Math, Reading, Science, and English. He taught me tricks and strategies to help me save time and score higher. He did a great job explaining problems and focusing on my weak areas to…

Laura G. Student

I had the opportunity to work with Scott, he has a systematic way of approaching questions and a great personality. We worked on the ACT together and I benefited greatly from working with Scott when it came to my official test.    Overall I was able to turn my weaknesses into strength and my confidence…

Shea B. Student