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Why Enhanced Prep?

Many tutoring companies claim that they can help students increase their test scores, but very few can support those claims and almost none of them focus on a student's ultimate goal - getting into their dream school. Nowadays, it takes more than a single strong test score to get into college. Students have got to have the grades and the test scores and then some. At Enhanced Prep, we provide a truly customizable approach to tutoring, focusing on each student's specific needs. We match students with the right tutor who can help them study for a biology test one day and prep for their upcoming college entrance exam the next.
Top-Tier Tutors
Our professional tutors have a minimum of 5 years’ experience helping students get into their dream schools. Other leading services require as little as ½ a year’s experience.
No two students are the same. Enhanced Prep tutors create a unique game plan for each student following an assessment of their individual strengths and weaknesses.
Team-Based Approach
We bring students, parents, tutors and advisors together as a team to build student confidence throughout the process and share notes and recap videos after each session.

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How Enhanced Prep Maximizes Scores

Our learning model, the Three Pillars, helps students maximize their standardized test scores.


Every Enhanced Prep journey begins with a diagnosis of a student’s individual strengths and weaknesses. College entrance exams test a wide variety of concepts. We identify which concepts will be most valuable for students to focus on so they can maximize their accuracy on test day.



Enhanced Prep tutors will provide each student with different tips and tricks to help them save time on the test without sacrificing accuracy. Equipped with these strategies, students will be able to see a question and know the best approach to answer it and avoid pesky test traps.


Game Plan

So, you’ve mastered the content of the test and you know how to approach the different kinds of questions on the test. What’s next? Each student will receive a unique game plan detailing how much time they should spend on each section of the test, the order in which they should take the test and more!


Benefits of an Online Physics Tutor

Online physics tutors at Enhanced Prep are now easier for students to reach than ever before, as we are just a click away anywhere that students are, and anytime that they need us. Additionally, finding physics tutoring online means that students no longer need to hassle with arranging transportation to or from their appointments. Our tutors also now have a range of innovative tools available to them to tailor every session to their student’s needs, creating an experience that is meaningful for each student. So, give Enhanced Prep a try for all your tutoring needs today!

Get the grades, get the score, get the school

Our tutoring elevates everything, including grades, test scores, and the confidence students have both in school and standardized testing.

Online Physics Tutors from Enhanced Prep

Here at Enhanced Prep, we make it our top priority to always provide students with help that they can always count on. We consider this in everything that we do, all the way to hiring our tutors, where we ensure that everyone has a minimum of 5 years’ experience. Beyond this, we foster an environment in which our tutors can get to know their students personally, allowing them to develop a unique game plan that outlines what content they need to focus on and what test-taking and study strategies will benefit them most. The results of our methods speak for themselves, with families that Enhanced Prep has helped referring an average of 3 students to our service due to their positive experience.

Why Use Enhanced Prep for Physics Tutoring?

When it comes to online physics help, we make no exceptions in our dedication to providing excellent service to our students. By listening to input from our students, their parents, their advisors, and their teachers, our tutors can determine what strategies will work best for them to maximize their chances of passing important classes and exams and achieving their academic goals. In addition to this, our students can always rest assured that while they meet 1-on-1 with their tutors, they always have the strength of our entire team of tutors standing behind them. By focusing on our students as a team like this, we ensure that they receive the most exceptional tutoring possible, allowing them to succeed in school and get into any school of their dreams. Next time you're in need of physics help of any kind, reach out to Enhanced Prep, and let us guide you from there!

What Is Physics?

Physics is a science that studies the makeup and behavior of all observable matter around us. This includes how different kinds of forces affect different kinds of matter, including gravitational, magnetic, and electrical forces, as well as the origins and nature of these forces themselves. The information that is observed as these forces act upon matter is used to formulate laws of nature and create mathematical models of the ways in which the matter behaves under different conditions, thus allowing for predictive calculations to be made before physically testing a theory. Using a tutor from Enhanced Prep can help students understand the large variety of topics that can be found in physics.

Physics Help for Common Courses

Physics is a subject that students will often first encounter in its most elementary form during their secondary education, where they may learn such topics as speed, mass, acceleration, force, and velocity. From here, further information can be added to this in post-secondary levels of education, allowing students to understand topics such as rotational velocity and fluid dynamics. At any level, Enhanced Prep is always ready to help students excel in their physics studies!

Physical Science

Physical science is a course that students may encounter in high school, and that will often serve as their introduction to physics. Here, they can anticipate learning about topics such as motion, forces, energy, simple machines, and electromagnetism. This provides students with insight into the driving forces of all physical change around us.

AP Physics

AP physics is yet another course that high school students can enroll in but is taught at an undergraduate level. This means that more advanced topics will be encountered, such as multi-dimensional kinematics, rotational motion and angular velocity, and electric currents and fields, providing more insight into the behavior of matter.

Analytical Mechanics

Analytical mechanics is an advanced physics course in which students learn mathematical approaches to modeling chaotic systems, including calculus-based approaches, and the origins of important constants used for this. This includes air and linear resistances, magnetic fields, oscillations, and phase spaces among others.

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics is yet another advanced physics course in which students will focus on different aspects of quantum theory. This can include wavefunctions, energy quantization, multi-dimensional movement, central forces, and internal forces and structures of moving particles. Overall, this allows students to understand how individual particles behave under different conditions.

Online Physics Tutoring for Test Prep

Physics is a subject that students of all levels may encounter on important exams that they’re faced with. The level of physics assessed can vary from only elementary information such as forces, work, and waves, to more advanced topics such as quantum mechanics and atomic physics. At all levels, our professional tutors are prepared to provide the expert online physics help that you need to succeed on test day.


The ACT is one of the most common college admissions exams. It is comprised of four subtests, one of which is focused on the sciences. Here, students must demonstrate elementary knowledge of the sciences, including some physics. In-depth subject-matter knowledge is not necessary, with a focus instead being on critical thinking and analysis.

GED Exam

The GED is another common high school-level exam that offers adults with no high school diploma the opportunity to acquire an equivalent certification. As with the ACT, only elementary knowledge of physics is required, such as energy transfer and motion, with the primary focus instead being on problem-solving.

GRE Physics Subject Test

The GRE refers to a group of frequently-used graduate college admissions tests, one of which is the physics subject test. It is here that students must exhibit knowledge of undergraduate physics such as electromagnetism, optics, thermodynamics, and particle physics among other topics to demonstrate their readiness for graduate studies.

CSET Science Exam

The CSET, or California Subject Examinations for Teachers, is a group of exams that can be taken to gain certification to teach in the state of California. As with other similar exams, the CSET science test requires sufficient knowledge of high school-level physics such as forces, energy, momentum, and kinematics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a physics tutor do?

Online physics tutors from Enhanced Prep can help with virtually anything that physics students might be struggling with, from homework assignments to test prep and writing lab reports. Online tutors can meet anywhere, anytime, so students can rest assured that their questions will never go unanswered with our team standing behind them. Not only this, our tutors strive to personalize every session with students by listening to their feedback in order to make them as meaningful as possible for everyone involved. We are so successful in this that students regularly look forward to their next tutoring appointment with us. Give us a try today and unlock your full academic potential with our help!

How do I choose a physics tutor?

There are many tutoring services available to choose from, and it is very important for every student to select a tutor that is the right fit for them. This will always be a tutor who listens to their feedback and gets to know them personally to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Not only this, but it is also important to ensure that a tutor will be available when students need them. These are all perks that we offer here at Enhanced Prep, where our online physics tutors can be reached from anywhere, and anytime that students need them. Not only this, our tutors focus on the whole student, meaning that every tutor gets to know their students and determines how to best help them based on this.

Can a physics tutor help me pass my class?

In any physics class, students will be expected to not only complete exams but also to complete important lab exercises and write comprehensive reports detailing them. As such, it is important that students have a solid understanding of the materials that they are studying in order to excel on these assignments. Each tutor on our team identifies the content that will be most crucial to their student’s success and can then spend the appropriate amount of time preparing with them. This can include going over practice problems, giving them scientific writing tips, or simply discussing and drilling important details for memorization. In any case, we can provide online physics homework help, test prep assistance, or any other manner of help that our students need.

How can a physics tutor help me study for a test?

Physics exams can be difficult for students to excel in, largely due to their technical nature. Much of physics is centered around the use of mathematical functions to model phenomena, and so students are often expected to memorize these functions, or at least what the variables in them represent to utilize them effectively. Beyond this, students need to understand any assumptions that are needed in their calculations. In order to master these skills and others, studying before exams is of the utmost importance. Our tutors here at Enhanced Prep can not only help with that, but they can also help students determine what strategies will work best for them to maximize their chances of success.

Can a tutor help me with my physics homework?

The most common forms of homework that physics students will see are practice problems to help them master important mathematical functions as well as lab reports written on lab exercises that were conducted. The former of these requires students to understand how to use different functions in a variety of situations that they may encounter, whereas the latter can require this alongside the use of critical thinking, analytical, and scientific writing skills. Tutors at Enhanced Prep can help with all of these assignments and more and will listen to their student’s feedback at every stage of completing them. Reach out today for all of your physics homework help needs, and let our team of tutors give you the extra help you need to reach all of your goals.

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