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Why Enhanced Prep?

Many tutoring companies claim that they can help students increase their test scores, but very few can support those claims and almost none of them focus on a student's ultimate goal - getting into their dream school. Nowadays, it takes more than a single strong test score to get into college. Students have got to have the grades and the test scores and then some. At Enhanced Prep, we provide a truly customizable approach to tutoring, focusing on each student's specific needs. We match students with the right tutor who can help them study for a biology test one day and prep for their upcoming college entrance exam the next.
Top-Tier Tutors
Our professional tutors have a minimum of 5 years’ experience helping students get into their dream schools. Other leading services require as little as ½ a year’s experience.
No two students are the same. Enhanced Prep tutors create a unique game plan for each student following an assessment of their individual strengths and weaknesses.
Team-Based Approach
We bring students, parents, tutors and advisors together as a team to build student confidence throughout the process and share notes and recap videos after each session.

Tutors with Superior Credentials & Expertise

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How Enhanced Prep Maximizes Scores

Our learning model, the Three Pillars, helps students maximize their standardized test scores.


Every Enhanced Prep journey begins with a diagnosis of a student’s individual strengths and weaknesses. College entrance exams test a wide variety of concepts. We identify which concepts will be most valuable for students to focus on so they can maximize their accuracy on test day.



Enhanced Prep tutors will provide each student with different tips and tricks to help them save time on the test without sacrificing accuracy. Equipped with these strategies, students will be able to see a question and know the best approach to answer it and avoid pesky test traps.


Game Plan

So, you’ve mastered the content of the test and you know how to approach the different kinds of questions on the test. What’s next? Each student will receive a unique game plan detailing how much time they should spend on each section of the test, the order in which they should take the test and more!


How Enhanced Prep GED Tutors Help Test-Takers

Enhanced Prep is an elite, world-class tutoring service that uses a proven methodology and holistic approach to tutoring in order to help students get the grades, get the score and get into their dream school. Using online GED tutoring through Enhanced Prep test-takers will be paired with a tutor who has a minimum of 5 years’ experience and who will create a unique game plan for each individual. Each GED tutor will focus on the student’s most immediate needs and will help a student achieve their goals when taking the exam by making sure to spend the appropriate amount of time preparing. Enhanced Prep has helped tens of thousands of students who look forward to their next tutoring appointment and their success.

Get the grades, get the score, get the school

Our tutoring elevates everything, including grades, test scores, and the confidence students have both in school and standardized testing.

GED Tutoring at Enhanced Prep

The GED consists of four exams which each focus on a different area that Enhanced Prep tutors can provide help with. The four exams don’t have to be taken at the same time allowing maximum focus on each subject with GED help from tutors.
The exam subjects are:
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science
When focusing on Mathematical Reasoning with GED tutoring a student can expect to learn essential math including geometry and algebra from their Enhanced Prep tutor. The 115-minute test features multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and other similar question types. Any necessary formulas will be provided during the test.
The Reasoning Through Language Arts test lasts 150 minutes including 1 written response question as well as multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. When concentrating on this area with an Enhanced Prep online GED tutor a student will study topics such as understanding written pieces, proper grammar and language use, and the ability to write a piece to convince someone of something.
The 70-minute social studies test prep, with Enhanced Prep online GED help, will include skills such as examining historical actions as well as general social studies concepts and how they can be represented. The questions include multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and similar question types.
Working with Enhanced Prep online GED tutors to study for the science exam, a student should expect to go over understanding science, working with science experiments, and understanding how information can be presented. This test includes multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, and related question types that will take 90 minutes to complete.
Enhanced Prep will provide constant and consistent communication between the student, tutor, and parents throughout the process of preparing for the GED in order to best support a student to achieve the best outcome possible. Students who wish to accomplish their GED goals will receive the support they need using Enhanced Prep.

The GED Exam

The GED is designed to ensure a test-taker has knowledge comparable to what is learned in high school in order to receive a high school equivalency diploma. This diploma concludes a student’s high school education process. Tests can be taken at any time either individually or all at once. An Enhanced Prep tutor can help a student achieve their goals by giving students the information they need to make informed decisions about how to take the tests and making sure the student is as prepared as possible for the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for the GED?

The GED covers several different areas of study which can require different study techniques including flashcards, writing practice, and analysis practice. Enhanced Prep will pair a student with a GED tutor who will focus on the whole student and find the study techniques that will help them most. This includes creating a study program that highlights areas an individual student needs the most focus on. Focusing in this manner over time will allow a student the best opportunity for success.

Is the GED hard?

The GED covers a wide variety of information based on a high school education so the difficulty will vary from person to person. GED homework help from Enhanced Prep can help identify areas an individual will find harder than others. Once these areas are identified a study plan can be made that will help students gain knowledge in these areas and make taking the test easier. A prepared test-taker is more likely to do well on the test.

How many times can I retake the GED?

There is no set number of times the GED can be taken. Tests taken in person allow for two retests with no stipulations. Should a student fail the test again after that a mandatory waiting period of 60 days applies before the test can be taken again. For tests taken online, retesting policies vary by state and a test-taker will need to identify the rules for their particular state. It can be a good idea to work with GED tutors to ensure a higher score on the test retake.

Are calculators allowed on the GED?

When the GED is taken in person a test-taker must bring an approved ID to the test center. A student is permitted to bring their own TI-30XS calculator if they wish, but there is an onscreen calculator for the tests that require a calculator, these are mathematical reasoning, social studies, and science. Test-takers will be provided with three dry erase boards, these and a calculator are the only items allowed in the test room.

When the GED is taken online a physical calculator is not allowed. There is an onscreen calculator available in the tests that require one as well as an onscreen scratch pad and whiteboard that can be used for notes and calculations. A test-taker is not allowed to have any personal items within reach during the test.

What is a passing score on the GED?

A minimum score of 145 is required to pass any of the GED tests. A score of 145 on all four tests must be achieved in order to be awarded the high school equivalency diploma. There are perks to a higher score on the GED. A score of 165-174 on any test means a test-taker is college ready in that subject and may allow a student to avoid placement tests for college. A score of 175-200 on any test means a college may choose to award a test-taker credit hours in that subject.

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