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Why Enhanced Prep?

Many tutoring companies claim that they can help students increase their test scores, but very few can support those claims and almost none of them focus on a student's ultimate goal - getting into their dream school. Nowadays, it takes more than a single strong test score to get into college. Students have got to have the grades and the test scores and then some. At Enhanced Prep, we provide a truly customizable approach to tutoring, focusing on each student's specific needs. We match students with the right tutor who can help them study for a biology test one day and prep for their upcoming college entrance exam the next.
Top-Tier Tutors
Our professional tutors have a minimum of 5 years’ experience helping students get into their dream schools. Other leading services require as little as ½ a year’s experience.
No two students are the same. Enhanced Prep tutors create a unique game plan for each student following an assessment of their individual strengths and weaknesses.
Team-Based Approach
We bring students, parents, tutors and advisors together as a team to build student confidence throughout the process and share notes and recap videos after each session.

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How Enhanced Prep Maximizes Scores

Our learning model, the Three Pillars, helps students maximize their standardized test scores.


Every Enhanced Prep journey begins with a diagnosis of a student’s individual strengths and weaknesses. College entrance exams test a wide variety of concepts. We identify which concepts will be most valuable for students to focus on so they can maximize their accuracy on test day.



Enhanced Prep tutors will provide each student with different tips and tricks to help them save time on the test without sacrificing accuracy. Equipped with these strategies, students will be able to see a question and know the best approach to answer it and avoid pesky test traps.


Game Plan

So, you’ve mastered the content of the test and you know how to approach the different kinds of questions on the test. What’s next? Each student will receive a unique game plan detailing how much time they should spend on each section of the test, the order in which they should take the test and more!


Benefits of a Literature Tutor

Literature classes cover a wide variety of written pieces including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry which may be challenging for a student. Online literature help can help a student grasp areas they struggle with by giving individual help focused on problem areas from the comfort of home. Professional tutors are experts with many tools designed to help any student achieve their academic goals. Receiving literature homework help from professional tutors like the ones at Enhanced Prep results in positive academic outcomes.

Get the grades, get the score, get the school

Our tutoring elevates everything, including grades, test scores, and the confidence students have both in school and standardized testing.

Literature Tutors from Enhanced Prep

Enhanced Prep is an elite, world-class tutoring service that uses a proven methodology and holistic approach to tutoring in order to help students get the grades, get the scores, and get into their dream school. Literature tutoring from Enhanced Prep identifies the content that will be most crucial for a student to master and creates a unique game plan tailored towards those needs. Professional tutors at EP have an average of 8 years of experience and have helped tens of thousands of students with their educational goals. Enhanced Prep literature tutors serve both customers—parents and students focusing on students’ success and parents’ peace of mind.

Why Use Enhanced Prep for Literature Tutoring?

Professional online literature tutors from Enhanced Prep create a plan for each student based on the content they need to focus on and figure out what test-taking strategies are best suited for each student. EP tutors focus on the student’s most immediate needs in their literature class and provide the resources necessary to improve performance in the class. Students, parents, tutors, and advisors work as a team to help a student achieve their goals in studying literature. On top of that students look forward to their next tutoring appointment with EP online literature homework help regularly and families that use EP refer an average of 3 students to the program.

What is Literature?

Literature is the study of many different types of written works that are presented in different formats. These classes focus on material such as short stories, novels, poems, and plays from different time periods. Students will learn how to analyze these pieces for meaning including skills such as finding the intention of a piece, understanding why a piece is organized the way it is, and figuring out the themes presented by the piece. Since these classes cover a wide variety of topics an online literature tutor from Enhanced Prep can help students in areas they may struggle with more than others.

Literature Help for Common Courses

Literature classes are designed to build upon one another to increase a student’s abilities over time with assignments becoming more detailed and requiring closer attention be paid to written works as a student progresses in school. Coursework entails critically thinking and analyzing presented works and being able to explain ideas about them. An online literature tutor through Enhanced Prep is trained to help students achieve a solid knowledge base and aid in a better understanding of written works.

Introduction to Literature

This class teaches the basics of literature necessary to advance into other topics. Coursework in this class includes learning different universal aspects of literary work. Topics covered include why a piece of literature is written the way it is and how that affects the way the piece is understood. Students will learn to understand the role of literature in the past and the present including how the time period a piece is written changes the piece.

American Literature

American literature courses focus on a variety of literary pieces that were written in America including writings of both fiction and non-fiction styles in forms such as short story or novel. Students will be asked to identify aspects such as viewpoint and setting of the times these pieces were written and how these influence the piece. Coursework will include the ability to use written pieces as references and write essays analyzing them.

World Literature

In this type of course students will be asked to analyze literary pieces from all over the world in various formats such as short stories and novels. This includes the influence of a culture or region on the author’s perspective, the viewpoint expressed, and the themes of the written work. Students will be expected to be able to explain what ideas the piece is expressing and how the writer expressed their ideas.


Students in this class will learn to understand the components of poetry and how they are used to express an author’s thoughts. Coursework also investigates elements of the ways a poem is put together and how these elements are used by the author within the poem. Students also look at the word choices the author uses and why they were chosen for the poem. Analysis of the presented poems is required including both written and oral.

Literature Tutoring for Test Prep

Many standardized tests include elements learned in literature classes such as written work analysis in at least one area of the test. Students will also be tested on general literary terms and being able to use them in most tests. Getting literature help from a notable tutoring company enables students to focus on areas that might not come as easily for them and learn what strategies work for them when it comes to test-taking.

Advanced Placement (AP) English Literature and Composition

This exam is focused exclusively on literature coursework including knowledge of different aspects of literary works such as plot, structure, character, and setting as well as how these concepts are used in literature. Students must also know how to identify other parts of literature such as themes, symbolism, and word choice including how writers use these in provided samples.


The SAT includes a reading section which will require skills gained from literature classes. This section includes a passage from a work of fiction as well as 4 or 5 other passages from various types of writing and requires students to understand literary concepts and how the author utilized those concepts. Students will use skills such as understanding themes and how the piece is designed to support them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a literature tutor do?

Literature tutors are trained to help students develop a better understanding of any literary concepts that are giving them trouble. Online literature tutors are available at times that work with a family’s schedule and provide services to students in the comfort of their own home. Enhanced Prep tutors sit down with each student to determine what strategies will work best for them to maximize their chances of success in literature. Literature tutoring is designed to focus on the student’s most immediate needs based on what’s coming up.

How do I choose a literature tutor?

It is important to choose a tutor with a proven track record and sound techniques. Families need to decide whether online or in person tutoring works best with their schedule and make sure the tutor works well with the student. Enhanced Prep requires a minimum of 5 years’ experience from their tutors and the methods used by EP include constant and consistent communication between the student, tutor, and parents. This ensures that both customers—parents and students are being best served by Enhanced Prep.

Can a literature tutor help me pass my class?

Literature homework help can assist students with many different tasks including becoming a better essay writer and preparing for tests, both of which will help them get a passing grade in a class. Individualized instruction helps a student learn literature on their own terms. Online literature tutors from Enhanced Prep will help a student achieve their goals by helping them spend the appropriate amount of time preparing for their class. EP tutors are focused on students’ success and making sure a student spends their tutoring time wisely.

How can a literature tutor help me study for a test?

Every student will have different strengths and weaknesses in a class, so literature tutoring focuses on identifying the areas where a student needs the most help and providing guidance for improvement in those areas. Once these areas are identified a tutor can help make a study plan and provide test taking tips for a student to improve their test performance. Enhanced Prep tutoring helps identify which test-taking strategies are best suited for each student and use these to help each student maximize their success.

Can a tutor help me with my literature homework?

Homework in literature can include reading and writing assignments, both of which a literature tutor can help with. Different students will struggle with different aspects of homework assignments but literature homework help will make any struggles easier for a student by identifying the specific type of help that will make the most difference. Enhanced Prep literature tutoring recognizes that each student has their own strengths and weaknesses, so they help students identify them as well as spending time helping students overcome their weaknesses.

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