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Why Enhanced Prep?

Many tutoring companies claim that they can help students increase their test scores, but very few can support those claims and almost none of them focus on a student's ultimate goal - getting into their dream school. Nowadays, it takes more than a single strong test score to get into college. Students have got to have the grades and the test scores and then some. At Enhanced Prep, we provide a truly customizable approach to tutoring, focusing on each student's specific needs. We match students with the right tutor who can help them study for a biology test one day and prep for their upcoming college entrance exam the next.
Top-Tier Tutors
Our professional tutors have a minimum of 5 years’ experience helping students get into their dream schools. Other leading services require as little as ½ a year’s experience.
No two students are the same. Enhanced Prep tutors create a unique game plan for each student following an assessment of their individual strengths and weaknesses.
Team-Based Approach
We bring students, parents, tutors and advisors together as a team to build student confidence throughout the process and share notes and recap videos after each session.

Tutors with Superior Credentials & Expertise

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How Enhanced Prep Maximizes Scores

Our learning model, the Three Pillars, helps students maximize their standardized test scores.


Every Enhanced Prep journey begins with a diagnosis of a student’s individual strengths and weaknesses. College entrance exams test a wide variety of concepts. We identify which concepts will be most valuable for students to focus on so they can maximize their accuracy on test day.



Enhanced Prep tutors will provide each student with different tips and tricks to help them save time on the test without sacrificing accuracy. Equipped with these strategies, students will be able to see a question and know the best approach to answer it and avoid pesky test traps.


Game Plan

So, you’ve mastered the content of the test and you know how to approach the different kinds of questions on the test. What’s next? Each student will receive a unique game plan detailing how much time they should spend on each section of the test, the order in which they should take the test and more!


Benefits of an Online Organic Chemistry Tutor

Online organic chemistry tutors from Enhanced Prep make finding help easier than ever for students. Because we don’t require in-person meetings, our students can access our team from anywhere that they choose. This also means that our professional tutors can be contacted anytime at the click of a button. When helping students, online tutors now also have a range of innovative tools available to them so they can tailor every session to their students’ individual needs. Next time you find yourself in need of organic chemistry tutoring, reach out to Enhanced Prep and let our team help you reach your academic goals.

Get the grades, get the score, get the school

Our tutoring elevates everything, including grades, test scores, and the confidence students have both in school and standardized testing.

Organic Chemistry Tutors From Enhanced Prep

Here at Enhanced Prep, we’re devoted to providing a world-class tutoring experience to each of the students that we serve across 22 countries. One of the most important standards that we hold ourselves to is hiring tutors with a minimum of 5 years’ experience. This ensures that everyone on our team is a professional who is familiar with how to reach students in a way that is most meaningful to them. We achieve this by getting to know all of our students so that we can create a unique game plan for them to help them succeed. By focusing on the whole student, we’re able to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses and then work with them accordingly to make sure that they are prepared to face any challenges ahead of them.

Why Use Enhanced Prep For Organic Chemistry Tutoring?

When it comes to organic chemistry tutoring, we hold ourselves to the same high standards as in any other subject. When discussing course materials, each tutor on our team expertly identifies the content that will be most crucial for their students to understand and then works with them to ensure that they spend the appropriate amount of time preparing. This personalized approach translates into success for our students in reaching their academic goals, with 95% of our students gaining admission into their top choice schools, including schools like Oxford and Yale.
Another important factor in how we achieve this high success rate is in our tutors’ devotion to helping our students not only with studying and completing homework, but in all aspects of their educational careers. We’re always available to help with anything from test scores, academic areas of focus and scholarship applications, all the way to college applications themselves.

What is Organic Chemistry?

Organic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that is concerned with carbon-containing compounds, known commonly as organic compounds. While this study was once limited to molecules occurring within living organisms, it now includes any molecules that are composed primarily or in part of carbon and hydrogen. In an educational setting, organic chemistry is often not encountered until undergraduate college studies. This is a fairly complex subject, so many students benefit from organic chemistry help from a tutor who understands it well already. If you're in need to help in your organic chemistry courses, reach out to Enhanced Prep today!

Organic Chemistry Help For Common Courses

Students pursuing an education in any of the sciences can expect to encounter organic chemistry early in their undergraduate studies as a pre-requisite to other important courses. Here, they will learn the basics of organic chemistry, such as functional groups, important reaction mechanisms, and structures of organic molecules. This foundation can be built upon further with more advanced chemistry courses such as biochemistry and synthetic organic chemistry. At all levels, the tutors at Enhanced Prep are always ready to help.

Organic Chemistry I

Organic chemistry I is the first of two introductory courses in organic chemistry. Here, students will begin to learn about organic molecules, including how to name them, draw them, group them by their functional groups, and to understand reaction pathways involving them under different conditions.

Organic Chemistry II

Organic chemistry II is the second introductory course that students take. It is here that they will build upon information from the pervious course with new topics such as NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, aromaticity, and carbon-carbon bond formation.


Biochemistry is an important course for many chemistry and biology majors alike, where they can study the chemistry of living organisms and biological systems. This includes a focus on the classes of biological macromolecules, important molecules such as hemoglobin and nucleic acids, and the chemical foundations of metabolism.

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Synthetic organic chemistry is a course in which students can be introduced to the process of synthesizing complex molecules. This includes learning to identify key structural components of molecules that are to be synthesized, using retroactive analysis to determine how to synthesize them, and accounting for selectivity in this process.

Online Organic Chemistry Tutoring For Test Prep

Organic chemistry is an advanced field of chemistry that is required for nearly all science majors in their undergraduate studies, and thus it appears on graduate admissions exams for programs focused in chemistry or biochemistry. Students can expect to encounter such topics as biochemistry, functional groups and reaction mechanisms, and groups of biological macromolecules. No matter the exam, our team of professional tutors at Enhanced Prep is always ready to help with test prep.


The MCAT is an exam that is used to assess whether or not students possess sufficient knowledge to enter into medical school. On this exam, candidates must exhibit a strong understand of biochemistry, organic molecules' structures and reaction mechanisms, and functions of biomolecules in living organisms among other topics.

GRE Chemistry Subject Test

The GRE is a common graduate school admissions exam, and students may elect to take the general test or one of four subject tests. On the chemistry subject test, students must answer questions pertaining to structure and nomenclature of organic molecules, reaction mechanisms, and functional groups among other topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an organic chemistry tutor do?

An organic chemistry tutor is meant to act as a mentor who can provide students with the help they need to succeed in their classes. This can involve drilling exercises on important reaction mechanisms and functional groups, working through important lab reports and exercises, or providing any other form of support that’s needed for students to excel. By choosing online tutors from Enhanced Prep, students can rest assured knowing that they will have an entire team of tutors standing behind them and working to help them in the best way possible.

How do I choose an organic chemistry tutor?

When looking for the right tutor, it’s important to consider is whether or not the student’s input is considered and integrated into the game plan that is followed during tutoring sessions. Second to this, it is important to have a tutor that is available to help students when they need it most, thus facilitating an easier and more beneficial learning experience for them. These qualities and many more are what all of the tutors at Enhanced Prep work to embody every day. We get to know all of our students personally and then provide them with exceptional tutoring services that are tailored to their individual needs.

Can an organic chemistry tutor help me pass my class?

The ultimate determinants of a student’s grade in a class are their performance on homework assignments, research papers and other big projects, and exams. When students are struggling with any of these, our team of organic chemistry tutors is ready to dive in and find out the best way to help students improve. By working with students to determine their individual strengths and weaknesses, every one of Enhanced Prep’s tutors is able to create a personalized approach for each student that they serve, thus maximizing the benefits that students take away from their tutoring sessions.

How can an organic chemistry tutor help me study for a test?

Exams in organic chemistry can be very difficult due to the technical nature of this subject. As such, it is important to set aside plenty of time to study in advance. The effects of studying can be amplified even more with the help of an organic chemistry tutor from our team. Our experts can sit down with students and help them to memorize important reaction mechanisms and chemical structures and names, and we can also help them understand other important information that will be covered on their upcoming exams. In discussing these topics with someone else, students can retain them even better than in studying alone, and thus can maximize their chances of passing their tests.

Can a tutor help me with my organic chemistry homework?

Organic chemistry students can see a wide range of assignments given to them, from lab reports and pre-lab assignments to drills intended for the memorization of important chemical structures and reaction pathways. No matter the assignment, our organic chemistry tutoring team is always here to help. When students are hung up on difficult questions or are struggling to write and format reports correctly, our experienced tutors can jump in and provide the expertise needed to do these things correctly. Enhanced Prep tutors are prepared for any homework assignments that are brought to them.

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