Meet Our Team

Meet Our Amazing Team

Rachel Mead

President & Premier Tutor
Our fearless leader is an educator first & foremost, with over 20 years of tutoring and test prep experience. Rachel has been a Premier level tutor and Master Trainer of tutors for 3 of

Paul Carey Jr.

Master Tutor & Major Giver
Paul graduated from Purdue University, with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. He received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Indiana University. During his time at Indiana University, Paul taught general chemistry and provided one-on-one

Kate McGunagle

Master Tutor & Word Wit
Kate has been an educator for over eight years; as the daughter of two teachers, education is definitely in her blood. Kate is invested in her students' well-being and capacity to succeed, whether they

Luke Mead

Co-Founder & Advisor
Luke has been working with families for over 10 years to help guide them through the test prep experience. He is excellent at finding the right tutor to fit each student's learning style. ​

Jean Hsu

Super Tutor
Jean has been teaching for 14 years and worked in almost every role in education.  She started as an English teacher for ESL students and found her greatest challenge working for education reform in

Charles Zito

Academic Coach & Test Prep Guru
Charles is a passionate and energetic instructor who utilizes a coach-like approach to working with students. Charles spent three years teaching college writing and two years teaching high school English before settling into his

Cindy Wright

Guide to Greatness Advisor
Cindy is a key member of our team, as she has been advising families in the tutoring and test prep industry for the last 7 years. She has a deep passion for helping students

Sean Rogers

College Physics Professor & Math Wiz 
Sean has tutored and taught high school and college physics and math in the Seattle area for the past decade. When he introduces himself as a college physics professor, the two typical responses have

Candace Furman

The Best Ever Advisor
Candace comes to us with over 20 years of customer service leadership experience. She brings a level of passion and natural ability to connect with both parents and students alike.   Candace is a

Kevin Krallman

Tutor Extraordinaire
Kevin has been a tutor for 6 years and loves the opportunity to help students overcome obstacles so they can reach their dreams. He says "If I can make that difference, I have changed

John Bragelman

Super Tutor
John has been a teacher for over a decade, and in that time, he has taught at high schools, colleges, and universities.    HIs favorite part of teaching is watching a student 'get-it' for

Damon Enkeboll

The Bearded Wonder & Master of Special Projects
Damon is a do anything kind of guy. He approaches every task and challenge with a go-getter attitude and the distinct ability to make anything fun. Damon is new to this side of the

Jimmy Ma

Titan Of Turoing
Jimmy has a Bachelor's in Microbiology and a Master's degree in Education. Jimmy began his career as an educator in 2009 and has extensive experience mentoring college-bound students from all over the world. His

Natalie Thacker

Administrative Catalyst
Whatever the opportunity, Natalie has always been an eager to help kind of gal!  Outside of caring for the needs of her own family, Natalie enjoys going “behind the scenes” at Enhanced Prep, whether