Meet Our Team

Our Fearless Leader Rachel Mead

Meet Our Tutor Managers

Paul Carey Jr. Ph.D.

Paul has been a part of the Enhanced Prep team for over 3 years and has more then 10 years of tutoring experience. He now has moved into a leadership role helping to guide tutors as the help your students Turn Reach Into Reality. Click Paul's picture for more information

Amelia-Kate Riley

Amelia-Kate has been with us since almost the beginning. She has wore many hats from tutoring to writing content. Now she has stepped in to lead a team of tutors to help mentor them to success. Click on Amelia-Kate's picture for more information

Jean Hsu

Jean has been tutoring for over 15 years and has been certified as a master trainer. Not only does she lead a team of tutors but she also helps with the continued training and growth of the entire team. We are blessed to have her on our team. Please click on her picture for more information.

Olga Shkolnikov

Olga has not only been a tutor for over 8 years but also spent time as a middle school English teacher in the Bronx, NY. She now leads a team of tutors who are just as awesome as she is. Click on Olga's picture for more information

Chloe Miller

Chloe has literally been with Enhanced Prep since day 1, in fact she helped us come up with the name. She now runs our tutor training for all new tutors and helps them get Enhanced Prep ready so they can deliver the highest quality tutoring possible.

Breneya Johnson

Breneya is the newest member to our leadership team but has been a part of the Enhanced Prep family for several years. She wears many hats not only as a tutor manager but also tutor and advisor. She is the jack of all trades and we are excited to have her.

If you are looking for one of our 50 tutors we currently have on staff please reach out to our advising team at or (323) 433-9775