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Updated September 5, 2023

What makes a student’s college application competitive? GPA and course rigor, based on a student’s high school transcript, are vital. Composite SAT or ACT scores in the 75th percentile or higher are also critical. Enhanced Prep is here to help with both! Beyond these components, college admissions is extremely nuanced, requiring customization around each student and their schools of interest.


Working Towards Your Dream School with Enhanced Prep

If you are looking for a college admissions counselor to help with this customization, reduce the stress of the college application process, and/or support with deadline management, please let your advisor know. College admissions officers provide holistic support throughout a student’s complex journey of applying to college, including helping them build that list of target schools, choose appropriate early action and/or early decision submission(s), work on personal statements, understand the impact of merit-based scholarships, and more. Your advisor will recommend the best-fit counselor for you and your needs. Ask for a referral to one of our preferred providers! These preferred providers have a history of delivering customer service and results at the standard that Enhanced Prep is known for, as well as collaborating with our team.

Are you already working with a college counselor? Please let us know if we have permission to share your progress with them directly. Our Student Dashboard is a fantastic tool for streamlining access and communication and supporting our students’ best interests.

Ready to Get the Grades, Score, and School?


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Motivating & impactful

"The tutoring absolutely helped my student focus, learn, and practice the skills and knowledge he needed to greatly improve his ACT score. He was also more motivated to work with his tutor than by himself."


Janet Dowell


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5 years

That's the amount of education experience required to become an Enhanced Prep tutor

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Turn weakness into strength

"The tutoring was able to push me harder than I thought I could go, showed my strengths and weaknesses, and helped further advance them."




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"I was able to increase every portion of the ACT from 28's to 36's. The tutoring helped me adjust to the pace of the ACT and learn the many strategies to not only finish the test on time, but even a few minutes early."


Luke Burgard


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